Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR refers to the way in which businesses regulate themselves in order to ensure that all their activities positively affect society. CSR policies aim to guarantee that companies work ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what they do as a business. Businesses should meet, and aim to exceed, any relevant legislation, and ensure they carry out best practice.

Clark Diamonds is a UK based loose polished diamond merchant supply the retail and manufacturing trade in the UK and Ireland.  As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) we are committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible by following the below policy.

Looking after our employees

Our staff is our most valuable asset and we ensure the following measures are in place:

  • Our Human Rights Policy, in conjunction with our Staff Handbook and Employment Contracts demonstrates our compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • Our employment contracts and HR policies and procedures are outsourced to Eight Legal, a local employment law specialist to ensure compliance with UK employment law at all times and is communicated to staff.
  • Policies are communicated in writing, verbally and displayed in communal areas of the premises.
  • We comply with UK law regarding PAYE and pensions and contribute more than the mandated minimum employee pension contributions. 
  • Staff are paid regularly, on time and all are above the Living Wage and annual bonuses are paid.
  • Necessary equipment such as computers, seating and lighting are reviewed and renewed on a regular basis.
  • We provide on-site parking, a break room and free drinks.
  • To keep the premises safe and in a fit working condition we outsource to the following specialists for advice and maintenance:
    • Health and Safety is outsourced to Dhruv Philips Ltd to ensure all relevant legislation is complied with and training is relevant and correct.
    • Fire Safety and relevant procedures are outsourced to NTB Consultancy Ltd.  
    • Building maintenance is overseen by Statutory Support Services.
    • We have three Fire Marshals and three First Aiders among our staff, with the appropriate training provided and kept up to date.
  • One to one appraisal’s are held monthly with line managers, annually with a director. New members of staff are allocated a Line Manager to oversee on the job training.
  • External management training is provided to Line Managers.
  • External Synthetic Diamond Detection training has been provided to diamond handling staff.

Looking after our customers

We aim to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.  To our key customers we are part of their team and they are part of ours.  We aim to achieve and maintain this by:

  • Having named primary and secondary contacts for key stakeholder accounts.
  • Having regular contact with our customers, enabling us to deal with issues raised in a swift and timely fashion.
  • Ensuring our staff are fully trained both through qualifications, external courses and on the job training, and ensuring training is relevant to the role.
  • Ensuring the integrity and natural origin of our product through our Supply Chain Policy and internal testing for Lab Grown Diamonds.
  • Providing free services to aid the growth of our businesses; these include online stock feeds and bespoke training packages for our customers’ staff.
  • Ensuring transparent policies are readily available on our website.

Suppliers’ Standards

Our supplier relationships span decades, some date back over 30 years.  We have been able to develop and maintain these relationships by fostering mutual trust.

  • We require all suppliers to comply with the Kimberley Process and WDC System of Warranties.
  • Goods supplied are of natural origin.
  • Through our Supply Chain Policy, we require all suppliers to adhere to Human Rights principles, including but not limited to:
    • Ensuring employment is freely chosen
    • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
    • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
    • Child labour is never used
    • Living wages are paid
    • Working hours are not excessive
    • No discrimination is practised
    • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Protecting the environment

We take our responsibility for our impact on the environment very seriously and have both introduced and plan to introduce significant measures to reduce that impact.  

We have already:

  • Engaged First Mile to process all our office waste.  First Mile collect waste in carbon neutral vehicles and any non-recyclable waste is incinerated to produce electricity, meaning no waste goes to landfill.  We currently recycle 80% of all office waste.
  • Installed an electricity Smart Meter.
  • Moved to a 100% renewable electricity supplier
  • Encouraged employees to use public transport for company business where appropriate and secure.
  • Changed all company vehicles to 100% electric
  • Converted all office lighting to energy efficient LED.

In the next 12 months we plan to:

  • Further reduce our plastic waste by using biodegradable grip bags.
  • Begin the process of offsetting the carbon emitted by air travel and importing goods using air freight.
  • Investigate the viability of installing solar panels in our premises.

Community Engagement

We enjoy engaging with the wider UK jewellery trade and do this in a variety of ways.

  • We are active members of the National Association of Jewellers and have sponsored several of their initiatives, such as donating diamonds to up and coming designer competitions and being a sponsor of their annual ball.
  • We make a regular donation to Alder Hey Children’s hospital as part of a customers’ Christmas event.
  • We donate to the MS Society, a cause close to many employees.
  • We are active suppliers to the Houlden Group and the Company of Master Jewellers, participating in Steering Groups and offering educational tours of our premises, specifically our LGD detecting equipment.
  • We participate in security meetings with local traders and police.
  • We offer bespoke diamond training for customers’ staff for free.
  • We aim to recruit from the local area and have employed several graduates from the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University.


All these measures are reviewed at least annually as part of our RJC Certification, to check progress against our stated aims and update with any further initiatives we feel necessary.  We welcome any enquiries and feedback on this policy.  Comments and queries can be directed to Mike Barrows, Director, at