Grievance Mechanism

Clark Diamonds Ltd has established this grievance procedure to hear concerns about circumstances in the supply chain involving diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals from conflict affected and high-risk areas.

Michael Barrows is responsible for implementing and reviewing this procedure.

Concerns can be raised by interested parties via email or telephone to:

Michael Barrows
0044 121 236 1724
0044 7968 202863

On receiving a complaint, we will aim to:

  • Get an accurate report of the complaint.
  • Explain our complaints procedure.
  • Find out how the complainant would like it addressed/resolved.
  • Provide confidentiality where requested.
  • Give a commitment of no reprisals or repercussions where issues are raised.
  • Assess the eligibility of the complaint and, where applicable, decide who should handle it internally. 

In cases where we are unable to address the complaint internally (e.g. where our company is too far removed from the origin of the issue raised in the complaint), we may redirect it to a more appropriate entity or institution, such as the relevant supplier or industry body.

  • Where the issue can be handled internally, seek further information where possible and appropriate.
  • Identify any actions we should take including hearing from all parties concerned, and monitoring the situation.
  • Advise the complainant of our decisions or outcomes.
  • Keep records on complaints received and the internal process followed, for at least 5 years

Feel free to contact me at 0044 121 236 1724 or alternatively at

Date of effect 30th September 2022