About Clark Diamonds

For over 30 years outstanding customer service has been at the heart of our business.

Who we work with

We work with specialist suppliers and partners around the world to ensure our stock is comprehensive and competitive.

Independent Retailers

Boutique retail stores including Houlden group retailers and CMJ members who are looking for a specialist supplier.


Designers & Start-Ups

We can help to grow your business by partnering and advising on stone selection for your projects.

Appointment Jewellers

Online businesses and jewellers use our stones to during their sales process. You can also use our offices to meet with your clients. 


We carry extensive stocks of all shapes and qualities, from half pointers up to large marquee pieces. Access our stock.

What makes us unique?

Clark Diamonds is a family run diamond wholesaler supplying the jewellery manufacturing and retail trade across the UK and Europe. We have been established in the heart of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter for over 30 years, and our highly trained team have nearly

200 years diamond and jewellery trade experience combined. Over those 30 years we have grown by working closely with our customers, building lasting relationships through open communication and excellent service.

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The Jewellery Quarter

The first record of jewellery being manufactured in what would become the Hockley area of Birmingham is in a survey from 1553, a goldsmith by the name of Roger Pemberton. During the Industrial Revolution, the Jewellery Quarter grew in importance; in 1880 there were over 700 workshops employing over 7,500 people and the jewellery trade was the most lucrative in the city.
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