Receiving Payment Policy

This policy is intended to state the payment methods used and accepted by Clark Diamonds and the conditions under which each method will be considered.

Receiving Payments

  • Unless a credit account has been opened, goods must be paid for upon collection and/or prior to dispatch.  
  • Credit accounts are subject to at least one of the following:
    • completion of Account Application forms, including two trade references with whom the applicant has a credit history and a KYC form;
    • membership of the Houlden Group or CMJ;
    • the discretion of a Director where a previous or existing business relationship can be demonstrated.
  • We accept payment in GBP, USD and Euros. Customers must have a credit account in the relevant currency, ie we won’t accept payment in Euros if the customer only has a GBP account.

Payment methods accepted

  • BACS (preferred)
  • Visa/Mastercard, in person and via Global Payments Paylink in GBP only.
  • Cheque – funds must clear before releasing goods to customers who need to pay up front
  • Cash, under the following conditions:
    • £5000/€5000/$5000 limit per transaction. 
    • The Memo or Invoice must contain the customers full name and/or place of business.
    • The person paying cash must be known to us.
    • All transactions paid for in cash must include all associated VAT and charges.
    • Cash is only accepted as payment against a credit account at the discretion of a Director.

Making Payments

Clark Diamonds uses the following methods to settle invoices in GBP, USD and Euros:

  • Bank transfer; BACS/CHAPS/Swift as appropriate
  • Cheque

We do not make payment in cash under any circumstances.